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Extended regular expression. Each occurrence of a sequence matching. The extended regular expression shall delimit fields. In the expression, and no expression shall match the record separator. Embedded in the expression can be matched. Operators, and in those four built in functions, ere matching shall be. The record separator can be embedded in the pattern, and an. Appropriate pattern shall match any character. Matching, the use of one or more nul characters in the pattern, input. Record, or text string produces undefined results. A pattern is any valid expression, a range specified by two expressions. Separated by a comma, or one of the two special help writing grad school essay begin or end. Executed before the first record of input is read except possibly by. Use of the getline function see input output and general functions in. A prior begin action and before northwestern university creative writing line assignment is done. End pattern shall be matched once and its associated action northwestern university creative writing.

After the last record of input has been read. These two patterns shall. Begin and end shall not combine with other patterns. End patterns shall be allowed. The actions associated with the begin. Patterns shall be executed in the order specified in the program, as. An end pattern can precede a begin pattern in if an awk program consists of only actions with the pattern begin, and. The begin action contains no getline function, awk shall exit without. Reading its input when the last statement in the last begin action is.

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Objects - plain characters, which are simply copied to standard. Output, character escape sequences, which are converted and. Copied to the standard output, and format specifications, each. Of which causes printing of the next successive argument. The corresponding argument in the same way as echo format that can be reused as shell input. From using datefmt as a format string for strftime. The corresponding argument is an integer representing. The number of seconds since the epoch. Argument values. Be used - represents the northwestern university creative writing.

Time, and represents the time the shell was invoked. If no argument is specified, conversion behaves as if. This is an exception to the usual. Arguments to non string format specifiers are treated as constants, except that a leading plus or minus sign is. Allowed, and if the leading character is a single or double. Quote, the value is the ascii value of the following. The format is reused as necessary to consume all of the. If the format requires more arguments than are. Supplied, the extra format specifications behave as if a zero. Value or null string, northwestern university creative writing appropriate, had been supplied. Return value is zero on success, non zero on failure. Adds a directory to the top of the directory stack, or rotates. The stack, making the new top of the stack the current working. With no arguments, nickel and dimed essay exchanges the top two. Directories and northwestern university creative writing unless the directory stack is.

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It also enables students to create better output in their studies. There are certain factors indicating that private schools have a better quality of education than public school. First thing to consider is the facilities. Private schools do not get funds from the government. Instead, they secure funds through tuition fees and sponsors. The sectarian catholic schools can get financial support from their corresponding congregations. Therefore, private schools have higher budget than public schools, enabling them to improve their facilities. The classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate the students. There is a sufficient supply of chairs for everyone. The technical facilities of private schools are also commendable. My favorite movie essay laboratories computer, science, tle are up to date and the equipments are technologically advanced. The comfort rooms and the campus itself are well maintained. In general, private schools exert effort in enhancing their facilities to provide a community that is conducive to learning. The next factor to consider is the student to teacher ratio. The students per class in private schools are on the average number one teacher is to forty students. Unlike in public schools, the student to teacher ratio is extremely beyond the normal rate one teacher is to sixty to seventy students. Thus, northwestern university creative writing school teachers can give more attention and northwestern university creative writing on their students because they handle a less number.

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Ive only encountered these problems in the us. Ive read it can happen abroad too but so far, none of the families I know abroad have had problems and so many families I know in the us either have had to fight for seats or had friends have problems, or witnessed problems. I dont understand why if other countries manage, why cant we. Quite honestly, I think this amendment should be extended for all minors children up to age. I have a year old daughter and I would prefer to see her go through security alone than be stuck in a crowded middle seat on a long flight between strangers. It is unfortunate, but a reality, that as a young woman, she has already been subjected to more than a couple uncomfortable moments with less than appropriate comments by strangers. These are difficult to handle and concerning experiences. Security is a reasonably safe space but I understand the airlines wanting adults around until the plane takes off. I think, however, that it is reasonable for a parent to want to sit next to any minor child without paying extra. Sorry but I am a strong believer that parents who fail to get pre assigned seating near their children should - be forced to pay the fees associated with getting pre assigned seats; and denied boarding if they dont have pre assigned seats next to their children at whatever age parents must sit by children. I flew a red eye back from ca to nyc on mothersday evening a woman came on board with two children under age near the end of boarding one was sleeping already and the other had pajamas on she had obviously booked last minute because all three of the middle seats she had been assigned in three separate rows had been open just hours earlier when I checked in we were in the higher priced even more space economy seats I had two business meetings scheduled immediately upon landing and had thus selected and paid extra for my aisle seat months earlier I said im really sorry, but im not moving into one of your middle seats even though the guy in the window seat volunteered to take one of her other middle seats which would have given her our three connected seats if id moved too.

Sure parents should be seated with their kids, if they make arrangements, but airlines should not allow parents to guilt others into giving up their pre assigned seats especially since flying is now such a hideous experience already….

In addition, strong political and economic developments in other regions for example strong growth in asia, forced manufacturers to make significant adjustments. The manufacture of low end motorcycles shifted closer to the emerging markets and the result was that the motorcycle industry evolved from an export base operation to a truly global business. In this global economy, honda, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the marketplace, controlled north america and japan, and was strategically positioned to take over the emerging markets, where it was prepared to satisfy the demand for cheap transportation. On the other hand, harley davidson found success in the large custom made heavy weight motorcycles in north america, japan and a few european countries. Bmw chose to focus on luxury and the sport touring segment, achieving northwestern university creative writing strong position in europe. Bmw emphasizes a safe technology and an adventurous image and was essay homework able to attract recreational riders willing to pay for comfort and the premium label.

The engine size is the main method by which the industry essays for college motorcycle models. The following represents the characteristics, including pricing, of the major classes of motorcycles. It is interesting to note that the average price range of the motorcycle market leader, honda, is versus harleys average price of. Class price range engine size weight class mfr. Standard cc cc lightweight suzuki,yamaha. Performance cc cc middle heavyweight honda, kawasaki. Touring cc cc middle heavyweight harley,bmw. Custom cc cc super heavyweight harley. Northwestern university creative writing motorcycle industry has experienced a significant increase in sales in the past year. In fact, the motorcycle industry council estimates that in motorcycle sales reached, building on a trend which has seen the sale of motorcycle increasing for the past years as shown in the following diagram. Source - motorcycle industry council new unit motorcycle sales. The motorcycle industry council notes that was the year that america experienced its highest sale, when it recorded.

Million motorcycles sold. These sales were achieved by purchase of dirt bikes and affordable imports from japanese manufacturers by baby boomers and their children. Prior to the last time that motorcycle sales in american exceeded was in. Motorcycle sales has experienced a double digit annual percentage increase between and as more americans, including women, kids with dirt bikes and seniors have taken up motorcycle riding. The latest data from the motorcycle industry council indicates that foreign brands account for most of the motorcycles sold in the with the top brands in being honda, with. Of sales, harley davidson. Bmw and ducati are two brands that northwestern university creative writing quietly making inroads into the market by trying to establish strong positions in niche market, where they can create a base to operate from as they move forward to compete with the other major players. It is noted that those firms that are successful in terms of increased motorcycle units shipped, operating efficiencies and favorable product and market mix, dominate the industry. The world bank statistical database notes that in the gdp per capita of the united states was approximately, and of every people owned a motorcycle. It is also noted that although sales have been increasing rapidly since most of the units bought were from customers re entering the motorcycle market after a period of non activity. Based on the discussion above, it can be assumed that the market segment northwestern university creative writing the united states that shows greatest potential for harley davidson would be that younger motorcycle generation and women.

In addition to the north american market, the motorcycle industry can be broken down into two other major regions, asia pacific and europe. The figures for motorcycle unit sales by manufacturer for the major countries within these regions are shown below. A brief discussion of motorcycle market trend northwestern university creative writing potential in some of these countries that are major players in the motorcycle industry will follow. Motorcycle unit sales by manufacturer and country. Source - honda annual report, motosargentinas motosargentinas. Bmw canada japanese automobile manufactures association, motorcycle newswire motorcycle industry council statistical annual, us vietnam trade council yahoo finance hhp- finance. Com harley davidson website. Hero honda owned by honda motor company. Total based on number of import kits plus number of domestically produced units. The production of motorcycles in japan has decreased from the early to the mid as the manufacturing shifted overseas. The shift in production operation to overseas allowed the japanese manufacturer to take advantage of low wages and closer vicinity to regional markets. It also allowed northwestern university creative writing japanese manufacture to tailor its products to the needs of the individual market.

The number of motorcycle use in japan has also declined from the all time high of. However, the number of large motorcycles used in japan cc has shown an increase since reaching. The japanese market is showing an increasing interest in the larger motorcycles, and therefore, it can be assumed that the potential for harley davidson to increase its share in this market to a greater extent is a possibility. Motorcycles in china are used primarily as a means of affordable transportation. China with its large population and a fast growing economy has an immense market potential.

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