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Just a block south of our house, on the other side of chambers avenue, there was bush all the way to the st marys river, and on the other my dream house essay of highway a half mile north of us, it was bush pretty much all the way to james bay. The neighbourhood was all young families with lots of kids and not a lot of discipline. We ran wild, exploring and building tree forts. We played baseball in empty lots and kick the can and hockey on the streets. At night, there were hide and seek games that ranged across the whole block of back yards. Wed take day long hikes back into the bush on the other side of the highway, cutting across the indian reserve and getting lost in the meanderings of the root river.

We built rafts in the drainage ditches and ponds down towards the river. We rode our bikes down to belleview park in the city and miles out to hiawatha park to go swimming. In winter, we my dream house essay hang onto the rear bumpers of cars and slide along behind them until they got going too fast and we rolled off into the snowbanks. Mom often didnt have a clue where we were or what we were doing; she just prayed constantly that wed all get home safe and sound for my dream house essay. Every sunday, there were three services at bethel bible chapel on north street breaking of my dream house essay, - family bible hour with a sermon for the parents upstairs and sunday school for the kids in the basement, and - gospel hour. We rarely went to the first service, but almost always to the other two. If dad was too tired, mom would arrange for someone else to take the rest of us. It was at sunday school, we understood, that we could make real friends - these were christian people, unlike our neighbours in the east end. So sundays were the high point of the week.

Often I would be invited to a friends place for the afternoon, between services. I soon realized that not all brethren families were like ours. Most of them had much nicer homes and how to buy an essay and toys than we did, some of them had tvs, my dream house essay many of them had a happy, easy going, fun loving approach to life. A few my dream house essay the kids, whose parents had invited me, were selfish and nasty and treated me like dogshit on their shoes. Wed often have sunday school friends come home with us, too. Dad was the cook on sundays, and he usually homework bad a big mid day meal of roast beef or pork and mashed potatoes and gravy and tossed salad. After dinner, wed often go for a drive and a hike at gros cap or somewhere along the lake superior shore. I was always sad when the sunday evening service was over research paper for publication wed pile into the car for my dream house essay drive home to another week of school and neighbourhood friends. Mom read stories to us every night before we said our prayers, things like the five little peppers.

It seemed our house was full of reading material especially compared to those of our neighbours - the bible, of course, but also. Els, magazines, and newspapers. Mom was always reading, with her book held close to her nose, and-when he was at home and awake and not fixing something-dad was often in his easy chair reading the family herald or national geographic or some trucking journal. I can remember starting to learn to read, identifying letters and words, sitting on dads lap while he read the newspaper. At first, most of our reading material other than newspapers was religious in nature. Every sunday, we got little pamphlets from sunday school, and every christmas our sunday school teachers gave us story books and, later.

Els with blatantly evangelistic aims. But when we got access to school and city libraries, we read the hardy boys, enid blytons several series, the swallows and amazons books, and all sorts of stuff - pretty much anything we could get our hands on. Eventually, in high school, I graduated to steinbeck, hemingway, kerouac, and kesey. My older brother was always pursuing some hobby-stamp collecting, oil painting, magic, photography-with a passion that was infectious. Id always end up doing what he did. I sent money off to some mail order place in bc to get bags of stamps and bought an album to put them in. I got hold of an old brownie somewhere. I helped my brother develop our film in the little my dream house essay room he carved out amongst the boxes in the tiny attic off writing an essay proposal bedroom.

But somehow, I could never generate the enthusiasm he had for these activities. It was always a borrowed interest, not strong my dream house essay to sustain me. The one thing I did take up more or less on my own was a fascination with bicycles. I collected old frames and wheels in the annual spring clean up, and from them id assemble strange bikes - I remember one that had a inch front wheel and a inch back wheel. About grade I put together one of the first speeds in town from parts I had lying around, parts I scrounged, and parts I bought at my friend georges fathers hardware store. I would ride all over town, exploring every neighbourhood, and out into the countryside as far as island lake and st joes island. I was also infatuated with cars and knew the year, make, and model of almost everything on the road by the time I was or. Dad subscribed to mechanics illustrated, and id avidly read tom mccahills car reviews every month.

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