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Here in this report we will be discussing the child labour practices and its negative impact on the apple products. Apple outsources its products and parts from companies across the world. These are the effective parts manufacturer and suppliers for apple corp. So it is very important for these companies to follow the norm and regulations related to the child labour and others for the better relationship with apple corp and it will also have a positive impact on the apples branding. Apple publishes auditing report for all its suppliers every year to keep the whole thing very much transparent and open. In audit report they Cursive writing paper caught various violations of the child labour rules in their suppliers organization, like labour working for more than days a week, there were some factories which were found guilty for the less wages payment to the labours and factories were caught guilty for the underage labour practices in their factories.

These auditing reports are being done by the internal auditors of apple itself. But to cover up all the aspects of all these suppliers is not very easy for apple. They have more than companies associated with them as their supplementary organization which are supporting and providing the parts to apple. To make an effective move towards these aspects and to stop these violations, such as underage labour practices, less wages to the gantt chart research proposal, more working hours and other illegal practices in their factories, they have opened their auditing practices to the independent body, fla fair labour association.

They will be taking care of the auditing of the suppliers of apple and the internal auditing report will also be verified by the fla committee. The final audited report will be published to the flas website. This is really an effective and proactive step taken by apple to stop these kinds of violent practices to the associated companies and suppliers. This will create a good customer loyalty and branding aspect to the apple in market. Most of the child labour cases were how to write a report on a research paper to their chinese companies which are supplying materials to them.

They found around children who all were underage working with the companies. Then and there apple dismissed the contact with these chinese firms. These aspects really make a negative and bad impact of the brand in common people perception. But with the help of their proactive and predictable aspects and steps apple has been able to come out from these crisis situations. Now apple auditing report will be redirected to the fla website and anybody can view these reports and if there is any kind of violations of law is there, then they can freely oppose how to write a report on a research paper and how to write a report on a research paper can go for protesting. Apple is one of the biggest firms in electronic market and these kinds of activities of their suppliers and other associated companies really make research paper writing help bad impact to the name and fame of the company. That is really a shameful activity which tarnishes the name of the brand in the market. Due to these kinds of irregular activities the organization need to suffer from the negative results and that directly hampers their market share.

To make a new customer is very easy but to retain an existing customer is very difficult and this will be possible only if the whole chain of organization and its supplementary organization are moving hand on hand.

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