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There is one mistake that I made that stands out the most and homework help chat room I regret more than others. I stopped playing basketball after my freshman year of high school. Not a day goes by that I dont university of chicago application essay setting the ball down and walking out of case arena, my high school gym. Basketball has always been a ritual so to speak, in my family. When I learned how to walk as a baby, the first toy that was given to me was a basketball. Then before you knew it, I was learning the beginning fundamentals of the game. At the age of five was when the game of basketball was really being stressed to me. My mother made sure that I had one of those stand up basketball goals in my toy room.

In addition, for the most part I would be in the toy room shooting the basketball for hours on in. Since I was young, the ball wouldnt go in the basket most of the homework help chat room of course, but it was the whole concept of bettering my skills and abilities. The years went by and I got older, and my skills began to better and better. Then one day I was in the fifth grade, on the team, and ready as ever to begin playing competitive basketball. My mom knew that when the season started up that she wouldnt be seeing me as much anymore. The reason being was because I was outside practicing every minute I could. When game time came around I was always ready. I started every game and eventually our season came to an end. At the end of the season I was awarded the mvp award. To this day I still have the trophy and its sitting on my shelf in my bedroom at home. This trophy opened homework help chat room book homework help chat room my life and love of basketball.

My so called career of basketball continued into the middle school or also known as junior high school. Now I had another hurdle to get over, and that was academics. I realized that now, in order for me to play the game that I love; I had to succeed in the classroom as well. So once again, the days and months went by and here came basketball season. This time it was the big league in my homework help chat room. I wanted to make the a team, and not the b team. So here I am in the gym, shoes laced up and ready to go. The coached walks in and gives us the run down. We were to do a series of different drills that went into every aspect of the game. I homework help chat room the hardest I think ive ever worked in my life. Sweat dripping, blood running down my knee from diving on the court after loose balls; the type of good stuff that comes out of working hard at practice. The two hour try outs went by in what seemed to me in a half hour. Coach mills said that hed have the teams posted outside of his room the next day after school.

That night I homework help chat room sleep at all, and the next day at school I kept looking at the clock watching hour after hour slowly drift away. Finally, it was time to go check out the results.

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