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The national discussion about higher education, however, has stressed not just affordability and access, but also designing a research proposal monetary benefits of a degree in light of the steep and steady rise in college tuition. The focus on monetary benefits is alarming because it runs the risk of eroding a longstanding and widely shared belief in the less tangible, but still significant public benefits that arise from broad access to a high quality undergraduate education. Equally alarming is the fact that an increasing number of our students are retreating from subjects that cannot be directly tied to their vocational interests; the sort of learning that lies at the very core of the liberal arts and sciences.

Combined, these two phenomena pose a direct threat to the public mission of our universities, as well as the fabric and future of our society. It is sadly ironic that growing acceptance of the notion that an education is and should be a private good arises, in large part, from the dramatic disinvestment in public higher education. Designing a research proposal the last years the university I lead, uc berkeley, has seen state funding decline by more than percent in constant dollars, while tuition has had to rise dramatically to compensate - though only in part - for this loss of state support.

At berkeley, we have made strenuous efforts to cut costs while also enhancing and extending financial aid. And yet, there is widespread sentiment that universities have to adjust to the new realities without renewed investment on the part of the state. These trends have the potential to further undermine designing a research proposal just the future of research buy college papers online innovation in our great public institutions, but also our public confidence designing a research proposal higher education itself.

University leaders like me must continue to focus on controlling costs even as we work to generate new forms of support from private donors. At the same time, however, many of us resist the instrumentalization of higher education and the attendant decline of interest in the liberal arts and sciences not just because we want current generations to have the same general education we had but because otherwise we fear that our students will not have the intellectual tools or predispositions necessary to fully engage with the collective challenges we face, as a society, a nation and a world. The belief that the liberal arts and designing a research proposal should be central to higher education rests on a distinctively american idea, one that was originally rooted in classical and religious education. This idea evolved into a more general commitment to have our undergraduate students engage fundamental human debates, dilemmas and discourses, both as the means to develop critical thinking and for the purpose of becoming active citizens of our world. Today, however, there are many who proclaim the irrelevance, waste, or danger of this kind of personal essay introduction. Many doubt that it might still be important for our students to wrestle with aristotle on the good life, confucius on public ethics, locke and marx on the origins of property, jefferson and de tocqueville on the nature of democracy, darwin on human evolution, du designing a research proposal on the legacy of slavery, gandhi on the humiliations of empire or de beauvoir on the making of women.

The criticism of this kind of education, and the insistence in much of the national debate today about the priority of training in vocational skills, is also a distinctively american essay on goals. Since the late th century, educators and critics have stressed the waste or elitism of general education and invoked the refrain of pragmatism and practicality. Yet, the genius of the history of american higher education has been in the carefully built consensus that we, as a society, and our students, as individuals, need institutions that could provide intellectual and moral education along with more practical and career focused instruction.

Not only are these two strains in the american approach to higher education compatible, they are also mutually supportive when combined.

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