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The more dead, the merrier. The media, of course, is largely to blame for turning any shooting incident into a circus. Presently, a loversspat that boils over in public will make brief national headlines as a possible rampage scene. The james holmeses, the cho seung huis, essay writers canada adam lanzas are the sort who want to one up the last massacre, and this cant be done in a bank.

The police are on the lookout for the banks and there arent enough people anyway. It cant be done at the white house or a police station, but malls, schools, ordinary workplaces, and churches are all soft and rich targets because they contain many people and few of them are armed. Suppose there were a guarantee that everyone in a church on sunday morning were armed to the teeth-pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles, autobiographical incident essay more importantly, that they were all autobiographical incident essay to fight back. Even the most desperately depressed rage a holic would pick a different target. The amarillo school district in the good olstate of texas has gone to the extreme of arming its entire faculty and staff as a warning to would be maniacs.

This means the teachers, janitors, groundskeepers, and secretaries all have guns on their person. The eighteenth amendment. This amendment prohibited the production, transport, and sale of alcohol within the united states of america. It was a result of the temperance movement. Most of the politicians in washington, dc strongly autobiographical incident essay the imposition of the ban, but when it went into effect on january the public responded in a way that neither the temperance movement nor the politicians had expected-few people heeded the criminalization, and those who had been manufacturing alcohol continued doing so regardless of the law.

Everyone seemed haughtily recalcitrant and alcohol use flourished even more than before. The police around the country were woefully ineffective in curbing its production, sale, or consumption. Career criminals like al capone became extremely rich by gaining control over the importation to entire cities. Those too afraid of the police resorted to making their own booze at home, and this resulted in many deaths from poisoning. Replace every reference to alcohol above with a reference to guns and you have the most assured aftermath of a similar prohibition on guns-except in this scenario, the crimes involved are autobiographical incident essay deadlier. The al capones who rise up will attempt to gain control over a citys illegal importation of guns, and there university of alabama creative writing be street violence worse than that of the most dangerous areas of chicago today. Autobiographical incident essay public outcry leading up to the national ban might not cause a nationwide uprising. Such a disaster can only be conjectured as alternate history fiction, but if the government enforced the ban by raiding homes and businesses, there would certainly be small scale uprisings that easily spread. Martial law would have to be imposed in some large cities, especially in texas.

Texas might actually make good on its common threat to secede, since it does retain a provision in its state constitution which permits this.

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To summarize it pulls the lineuri from any lync account type that can hold a number and exports them all to a csv. From here you can sort by their number and determine what numbers are currently available. The account types that are included in the search are. The most desired change is using filter instead of where object when applicable. This change has dropped the run time from over minutes to roughly seconds within an environment that holds over lync accounts. Additionally, the powershell window in which you run this script from will display the unassigned number ranges within that site. It also searches for private lines and meeting rooms. Much nicer than the first, second, third and first fourth. Created by jeff mcbride. Primary upgrade is utilizing filter instead of where where applicable. Write host this script. Take several minutes depending on the site. Write host the following are the did ranges currently being scanned and exported for active numbers.

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